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Saarni Music

Music production for actual Human beings

Saarni Music was founded in 2016 and offers a wide scale of music production services with an unique and organic approach and experience. With our production, the artist will get their voice heard and a band will have an authentic, powerful and realistic sound!

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In our recording studios the whole band can be recorded live at the same time or every instrument can be tracked separately one at a time. Whatever is the most convenient way for your project, it can be done!

Mixing & Mastering

In Mixing we always aim at making the artist and the band to be the best possible version of themselves! We understand different types of sound preferences and work hard to achieve them.

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Saarni Studio

Unique studio solution made with recycled materials.

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Head of Sound

Markus Heinonen

Musician and vocalist since the year 2000, audio engineer for hundreds of songs in studio and live since 2005, head of a record label since 2016 and a human since 1988.

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