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Lammaskalliontie 87, Tuusula
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Saarni Records to release new Astral Sleep album, ”Astral Doom Musick”, as a vinyl and a boardgame !

We are proud to announce that Astral Sleep’s recently finished, upcoming new album Astral Doom Musick will be released under the Saarni Records label.

Release date for the album is set at 22.05.2020 and it will be released as a highly ornamental Gatefold Vinyl and a Boardgame.

Astral Doom Musick is Astral Sleep’s 3rd full-length album that presents 44 minutes of experimental doom metal with detailedly finished, organic and powerful sound. All recording, mixing and mastering were done by Saarni Music at Lammaskallion Audio and Saarni Studio between July -19 and March -20.

The album will make a fine addition to the Saarni Records catalogue, and sets the bar high for future endeavours under the label.

Pre-Order for the album is open exclusively at Saarni Records webstore. More info and details will be revealed as the release date closes in.

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