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Lammaskalliontie 87, Tuusula

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Saarni Records

Within Saarni Music operates a small independent record label Saarni Records, which focuses on releasing unique records in physical, spiritual, analog and digital form.


Chaotic Sanity

Worship DIGITAL (2019)

Progressive Doom Metal

Chaotic Sanity

Mental Portrait CD (2018)

Progressive Doom Metal

Night of Suicide

Broken CD (2017)

Symphonic Funeral Doom Metal

Saun O)))

サウナ CASSETTE (2017)


Bloody Heathen

Carnal Ruin CD (2017)
Carnal Ruin CASSETTE (2017)

Deathstoner Metal


The Era of Precarity CD (2016)

Death / Thrash Metal


Dreamquest CD (2016)
Dreamquest CASSETTE (2017)

Atmospheric Dark/Black Metal

Attention! We do not accept demos or complete recordings. We will consider releasing only the productions of our own studios.