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Saarni Music

Music production for humans

Saarni Music was founded in 2016 and offers a wide scale of music production services with an unique and organic approach and experience. With our production, the artist will get their voice heard and a band will have an authentic, powerful and realistic sound!



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Saarni Music has a prolonged and vast experience on making records on any usable technique. In our recording studio the whole band can be recorded live at the same time or every instrument can be tracked separately one at a time. Whatever is the most convenient way for your project, it can be done!
Our new studio building was completed in 2019 at Lammaskallio, Järvenpää Finland and it includes all the needed equipment for making world class records, from mixers to microphones and of course a huge and stellar sounding live room!

Mixing & Mastering

When Mixing we always aim at making the artist and the band to be the best possible version of themselves! We understand different types of sound preferences and work hard to achieve them. Our own sound preferences can be described as big and punchy without being artificial, and organic and real without being thin, muddy or dull. We use mostly digital mixing gear and techniques, but are available to do analogue mixing as well!

Musician services

We offer all our experience of the music world to our customers even outside of studio- and live environments, which means that we are up for inquiries about songwriting, finding studio musicians, music career developments etc… The Entrepreneur Markus has started his musical career about 20 years ago and has a wide knowledge of the music world!


Studio A Lammaskallio

2 control rooms, 32 inputs, dozens of microphones, 100m2 wide and 5 metres tall live room, beautiful landscapes in the middle of nature by the lake, with rentable cabin and sauna.. The technical and environmental atmosphere is as amazing as it gets in our new studio in Lammaskallio, Järvenpää! Request a quote now to start working on some immortal art!


Studio B Hakkila

In the past Saarni Music used to work in Hakkila, Vantaa, in an unique studio solution made of sea containers. The original studio is currently been used for rehearsing, demo recording, preproduction and in simple recordings such as instruments, keyboards or vocals.



The founder of Saarni Music, Markus Heinonen, has done live mixing (monitors and FOH) for 10 years. These days we are offering a full service, including audio gear rental! For quotes about live mixing and gear rental, contact Lammaskallion Audio directly:




Mr Saarni Music

Markus Heinonen

Musician and vocalist since the year 2000, audio engineer for hundreds of songs in studio and live, head of a record label since 2005 and a human since 1988.



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